"The first minute or two that a buyer walks into a home is when they determine whether they can live there or not."
— Illinois REALTOR® Magazine

A buyer's first impression of your home is greatly impacted by how well you showcase your property. Actions such as making minor repairs, touching up paint or wallpaper, and general clean-up can possibly make a difference in bringing you more money when selling your home. Although much of this process may seem like common sense, all too often small action items are over-looked. Your CONLON agent will help you identify these small, but significant showcasing details, such as the points listed below. In a difficult market, this is more important than ever.


Home Improvement Projects for Sellers

According to a homegain.com nationwide survey, the top five nationwide home improvements that real estate professionals recommend to home sellers, based on average cost and return on investment (ROI) to sellers, are:Taking the time and money to complete small improvement projects around your home may have a large return on investment. According to a HomeGain national Home Improvement Survey (2012), here are the improvements with the best return on investment: Clean & Declutter = ~400% ROI; Lighten & Brighten = ~300% ROI; Repair Electric & Plumbing = ~280% ROI; Landscaping = ~210% ROI; Staging = ~190% ROI.