As your neighborhood grows cooler, it’s time again for one of the most uniquely American and beloved holidays: Halloween. The warm smell of fireplace smoke fills the air as young Trick Or Treaters ring your doorbell in adorable, or hilarious, or gory costumes. Whether your own costumed flock is teeny tiny or all grown up, these creative seasonal treats capture what’s best about the season.

Ghoulish gourd lanterns: These delicious carrot-nori rice balls offer an October treat that even the strictest dentist would agree with. Sushi rice, fresh-squeezed carrot juice, scallions, and hand-cut seaweed create a balanced, fortifying instant classic. Via Tara’s Multicultural Table.

Crushed candy caramel apples: Guess what pairs with a caramel apple? Butterfingers! The All-American candy bestows an of-the-moment edge to the timeless snack. It’s an indulgence that will unite young and old alike. Via Dinner at the Zoo. 

Mason jar character cakes: These colorful, creative cakes make individual portioning too fun. Use bright-colored cake batter, buttercream frosting, paint pens, and googly eyes to assemble a dessert guaranteed to make people smile. From a mummy to Frankenstein, the terrifying has never felt more charming. Via Life Made Simple. 

Cookie graveyard: An adorable cemetery? It’s possible. This cheesecake-and-Oreo dish from Well Plated uses Milano cookies as its gravestones. Whether you add candy pumpkins or gummy worms, this crowd-pleaser will become the life of the party. Via Well Plated by Erin. 

Edible pumpkin candy dishes: If just eating candy isn’t enough, here’s a recipe that allows you to eat even the candy dish! This easy, exciting idea utilizes melting chocolate wafers for a vibrant orange Jack O Lantern cup. Via Oh! Nuts and images copyright Elizabeth LaBau. 

This season, let CONLON/Christie’s International find you a home where you’re proud to open the front door for Trick or Treaters. From spacious kitchens that make Halloween treat preparation fun—like those at our listings at 1426 West Rascher in Andersonville, 378 East 17th Street in Lombard, 2855 West Lyndale in Logan Square, and 20 East Cedar Street in the Gold Coast—to living rooms fit for a monster mash, you’ll enjoy the best of what autumn offers. 

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