Top 5 Chicago-Based Must-Haves for Your Home

2017 is finally here, which means everyone is making their lists of resolutions. It's the new-year, new-you ideal approach. As you may be aware minimalism and streamlining is trending with resolutions, documentaries, and best-selling books. Minimalism seems to be gaining momentum, guilting us into living in an empty monochrome home. Is that really the answer? We find that decor and furnishings are comforting and when done in a tasteful manner can make a house into YOUR home! These things breathe life into our homes.

Thus, we are making a list, too. We’ve put together our current top-five favorite must-haves specifically for all you Windy City Chicago Natives. Chicago goods for Chicagoans, as we say. After the read be sure to grab your jacket and enjoy your city while shopping local fare and furnishings to find exactly what your Chicago home is missing. 


TATINE has been handcrafting luxury candles in their Chicago studio since 2011. The company’s newest collection of perfumed interior fragrances called Pro-Fumar—meaning to perfume—amalgamate tradition with modern scent to “reveal a spiritual and romantic harmony of aromas.”

The collection comes in four mysterious fragrances created in traditional roots of perfumery with elegant design inspired by the Dada art movement. Our chosen olfactic from this collection is: Sanctuary, a scent that TATINE delineates as soft golden light emanating peacefulness through oriental perfume notes of fragrant ginger, coriander, sparkling mimosa, delicate iris petals, and temple sandalwood.

Remember, scent is most closely connected with memory, and your sanctuary should be memorable. What will your guests recollect when they leave your abode? With this candle the beauty of your home will linger—as a keepsake—a must-have.

TATINE can be found at Humboldt House 1045 N. California Chicago, IL 60622 | 312-785-1442.

NORMAN LEIGH DESIGN was founded in 2013 by Chicago-based couple, George Norman Schaefer and Leigh-Anne Riebold.

The company specializes in reclaimed wood furnishings ranging from hexagon serving trays and walnut cutting boards to their most popular and iconic Reclaimed Wood Triangle Mirrors.

The geometric shape of these mirrors blend seamlessly with any décor, adding a rustic yet modern sophistication. Norman Leigh Design illustrates reclaimed personality with original knots and saw markings, that add character making each mirror an original for your home.

NORMAN LEIGH DESIGN can be found at Mineralogy 1944 W Montrose Avenue Chicago, IL 60613. 

BRIGITTE WOLF is a Chicago-based painter and artist. Her minimalist paintings breach the walls of contemporary art with layered abstraction of oil on canvas, reminiscent of revered artists such as Matisse and Cézanne. The subtle, yet undeniably powerful simplicity is what makes Wolf’s paintings a must for your home. At first glance they are quiet and graceful, however as time passes, her paintings will bloom and envelop any space with pronounced beauty.

 BRIGITTE WOLF’s work can be found at ARTSPACE 8 in Chicago, or at her personal website.

KOLOSSOS OLIVE OIL was founded in 2012 by partners, Giorgios Karayannis and Edward Billys, with a goal to produce the highest quality olive oil possible. A goal, quite indeed achieved.

Their artisanal oils are made from Manaki and Koroneiki olives from Northern Greece, are hand-picked, pressed, and use a natural process called “racking” that uses gravity to reduce sedimentation, instead of usual filtering processes that decrease flavor and nutritive properties.

 The oils come in two flavors: Mild and Robust. The Mild oil features a delicate and ripe olive fruit flavor with hints of apricot and apple. The Robust oil encompasses a full-bodied pepper flavor with hints of green tea and tomato leaf. Both flavors as complex and pleasing as fine wine. A must-have for homes of distinguished kitchens.

 KOLOSSOS OLIVE OIL can be found at your local Chicago grocery store.

CHICAGO SPACES: INSPIRING INTERIORS is the one book that every Chicagoan should have gleaming within their home. This elegant and design-centric coffee table book is compiled by the editors of Chicago Home + Garden magazine. It features Chicago-based design-powerhouses, Nate Burkus and Alessandra Branca, as well as talented homeowners, which makes this book feel like an exquisite yet achievable dream in your palms.

What sets this book apart is its duality, illustrating Chicago spaces in their entirety, while also narrating how the spaces developed, giving readers depth, background, and story into these remarkable interior birthings.

CHICAGO SPACES: INSPIRING INTERIORS can be found at Jayson Home 1885 N Clybourn Ave Chicago, IL 60614 | 800-472-1885.

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